Framework Video Series

Gain a first-hand understanding of the ADHD Inside Out Framework for yourself: 

Framework Explained 

(6 minutes)
Learn how the
ADHD Inside Out Framework addresses the 2 critical problems in the world of ADHD

Optimize Your Coaching Experience
As your Approved Coach helps you apply the Framework to your situation, understanding the Models and Templates they are using can make your converations more effective and more efficient. This may reduce the amount of overall coaching required. 

Apply the Framework to Your Own Situation (self-coaching)
The Framework Video Series will be offered in various bundles, depending on how deeply you wish to master it.
Ultimately, you can have access to the very same videos used in Professional Training track. (minus the hours of mentoring, assignments, and other training requirements)
You don’t have to take the Professional Training track to have a working knowledge of the Framework's Proven Models and Practical Templates.

Framework Sample

(9 minutes)
Contrasts the 
Outside In and Inside Out
 perspectives of ADHD

Professional Development
Educators, counselors, and therapists often encounter ADHD individuals in their professional practice, but do not require the intense Professional Training reserved for professionals whose services are tailored largely (or exclusively) to individuals with ADHD individuals.
The Framework Video Series allows you to decide how deeply you would like to master the Framework’s Proven Models and Practical Templates for your needs.
Also, group presentations may be arranged. (see Presentations tab)

Email if you wish to be notified when more videos are available.

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