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LATA Conference (Learning Assistance Teacher’s Association) (Vancouver, BC)

Oct 23, 2015 - "Misdiagnosed, Misunderstood, & Misdemeanors”
Open to: LAT’s, EA’s, Resource & Classroom Teachers, Consultants, Counsellors, & Literacy Coordinators


“Wow! I had several students in my mind during your presentation and your explanations & advice will definitely keep me moving forward! Your personal anecdotes are what made your seminar come to life.”“This is the FIRST time I feel like I actually understand how an ADHD person might feel like.”
“I have seen a number of ADHD presentations - this one was by far the most educational, realistic, and thought provoking because of the personal examples shared.” 
“Informative, funny, insightful. Best workshop on ADHD I’ve been to!”
“Most engaging & information presentation on this topic I have participated in. Presenter’s real-life & personal examples enhanced presentation significantly.

“Excellent presentation with much practical insight into the thinking and behavioural processes of those with ADHD. Many useable and valuable suggestions for respectfully supporting students with ADHD.”
“Fantastic! Enabled me to shift my perspective on how to teach ADHD students and gave me a lot of take away ideas.”
“Awesome presentation! I would sit here all day to listen to you and learn.”

Spring Valley Middle School
Kelowna, BC)
Oct 9, 2015 - “ADHD Brain Function 101” 
- understanding executive functioning in ADHD students, and the strategies that work for them

Closed Attendance: Teachers, Educational Assistants, Counsellors

UBCO ADHD Student Coaching (Kelowna, BC)
Sept 23,2015 - “Understanding ADHD & ADHD Academic Strategies”
By Invitation: Student Referrals from Disability Resource Centre

Kelowna Christian School (Kelowna, BC)
Sept 18, 2015 - “Academic Strategies for ADHD Students”
Closed Attendance - Teachers, Educational Assistants

“Very effective in presenting the ‘whys’ and ‘hows’. It was great to hear from someone that is personally experiencing ADHD. ”
“This was immensely helpful, and I would love to have Dan back to teach us more!”
“Excellent speaker! Kept audience attention!”
“Going away with good strategies

SD #23 School Counsellors (Kelowna, BC)
June 19, 2015 - “ADHD: Time Awareness, Emotional Regulation, & Distractibility”
By Invitation: Local School Counsellors year end wind-up

Kelowna Christian School (Kelowna, BC)

May 15, 2015 - "Misdiagnosed, Misunderstood, & Misdemeanors”
Closed Attendance - Teachers, Educational Assistants

UBCO 11th Annual Learning Conference (Kelowna, BC)
May 6, 2015, “Students with ADHD in Higher Education: Supporting Students’ Achievement”
Professors and Post Secondary Support Staff

SD #23 Parents of Students with Learning Disabilities (Kelowna, BC)
Apr 23, 2015 “Understanding the ADHD Mind & Behaviours”
By Invitation Only - LD Staff, Parents of Students with LD’s, Teachers

SD #23 Student Support Services: Behavioural Support (Kelowna, BC)
Mar 11, 2015 - "Misdiagnosed, Misunderstood, & Misdemeanors
By Invitation Only - Behaviour staff, counsellors, community caregivers

Question: “Most useful thing you experienced today?”
"Seeing how ADHD people interpret the world"
"His slides and explanation on how the ADHD Brain works"

"Importance of accommodating individual differences and not categorizing only as ‘ADHD’ 

Other Comments:
"Dan Duncan was an engaging presenter.  Info was highly relevant”
"Excellent, Funny and knowledgeable" 
"Clear and concise info”

Central Okanagan Teachers’ Association (Lake Country, BC)
Feb 20, 2015 - "Misdiagnosed, Misunderstood, & Misdemeanors
Registration through COTA - Teachers, Educational Assistants

"I found the workshop to be both informative and inspiring. It gave me more empathy and understanding for those who have ADHD. I feel I will be more effective in meeting the needs of my students.

Heritage Christian School (Kelowna, BC) 

Feb 6, 2015 - "ADHD Inside Out

“It was great that Dan could speak out of his own experiences. Most qualified presenter I have heard for a long time.”
“Thank you! I wish I had heard this at the beginning of my teaching career.
“Thank you for offering great insight into what it is like to live with ADHD and how I can practically help ADHD students in my class succeed”
“I really appreciated having a better grasp of life from the perspective of a person with ADHD, and gaining  specific methods, tips, ideas… Excellent presentation!  Thanks."
“Very informative & helpful! I have strategies to take into the classroom that will benefit all my students”

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