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Seminar Responses

"The seminar that Dan Duncan provides has been a life changer for our family. ”  -  Josh S.   (dad)

“This set of seminars has changed (& improved) everything for our family!”  -   Parent

“Parents who attended these seminars have come away with a much better understanding and appreciation of their children. These sessions are a great bridge to a shared understanding.”
-  K.D.   (counsellor, whose school sponsored parents of identified ADHD students)

“I found this seminar helped me to understand my daughter better and it gave me great strategies for working with her and not against her”  -  Cindy  (mom)

“This seminar was certainly the best outreach program we have attended thus far. Receiving information and insight from a person who has experienced these issues first hand was certainly helpful.”  -  Stacey H.  (mom)

“This seminar was highly informative. So much information to help me understand what challenges my son is facing, and plan ways to meet them together.”   -  J. Ahlstrom  (mom)

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