As the overwhelming demand for ADHD Inside Out Coaching continued to build, it became impossible to keep up. In order to increase availability, and to reduce the cost to each client, a major change was implemented in early 2021.

Watch this Sample

“This changed my thinking completely! Thank You!”- C.V.

“This really opened my mind to what ADHD truly is. It will change how we support our son.” - S.M.

“This is the first time I feel like I actually understand how an ADHD person might feel.”

Increased Availability: 
Several new Approved Coaches have been trained to use the ADHD Inside Out Framework in their practice. 

Reduced Cost
The 4 hour seminar previously required, has been condensed into a 45 minute ONLINE video series which explains the very foundation of the ADHD Inside Out Framework.
Now, coaching clients are only required to watch the online Framework video series prior to coaching. These videos will provide the proper perspective of ADHD… from the Inside Out.

(coaching for children/youth requires their parents to watch the Framework videos; viewing by the child/youth is optional)

Coaching Options...

Coaching Quick Start Package ($95 CAD)
Includes Framework Videos + Coaching with Approved Coach (1 hour)

- less wait time
- online coaching or limited in-person coaching
- various specialties available

Step One: (Videos) Click on the SIGNUP button below, select "Coaching Quick Start”, and then “Get This Course” to pay for the Quick Start Package and view the Framework videos.

Step Two: (60 minutes of Coaching) After watching the videos, you will be sent information about our Approved Coaches and can select one that fits your needs best.

(additional coaching can be arranged after completing the Quick Start Package… prices vary from $60/hr and up)


Coaching with Dan Duncan (starting @ $110/hr CAD)
Includes Framework Videos + Coaching with Dan Duncan

- coaching with the founder of the ADHD Inside Out
- limited availability (check scheduler below)
- online coaching only

Step One: Purchase SINGLE APPOINTMENTS or COACHING PACKAGES using the “Schedule Appointment" button below.

Step Two: Two weeks prior to your first scheduled appointment, you will be emailed a link to access the ADHD Inside Out Framework videos. You will have 14 days to view the required videos.

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